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About OverLand Cruisers

OverLand Cruisers specializes in building world-class four-wheel drive vehicles. Whether they be rescued vintage Land Cruisers, or modern trucks, all of our builds are fueled by our passion for vehicles that perform well beyond expectations.

The OLC 4x4 Team

Johnny Overland Cruisers Arizona


Johnny is a retired federal law enforcement officer with extensive operational experience in four-wheel drive vehicles. From El Camino Del Diablo in the Lower Sonoran Desert to the Sky Islands in the eastern portion of the state, Johnny called the vastness of southern Arizona his office. This rugged terrain destroys vehicles with aplomb and reinforced Johnny’s belief that the Toyota Land Cruiser is the preferred ride for rough duty, thus setting the stage for OverLand Cruisers.

Diana Overland Cruisers Arizona


Born in Holland, Diana’s love for adventure and travel has taken her all over the world. Whether it be exploring Africa’s Gold Coast, working on a boat off the Great Barrier Reef, trekking the Himalayas, or guiding tours in the American Southwest, Diana’s passion for travel is unwavering. Fluent in more languages than she’ll admit to and well versed in every aspect of overlanding, Diana adds an important international aspect to the team.

Bill Overland Cruisers Arizona


The Yoda of Toyota. Starting with the 1969 FJ40 his father bought new, Bill has been wrenching on Toyota Land Cruisers since he was a boy. Bill started at Desert Toyota of Tucson in the early-‘80s and it didn’t take long for him to become well known as a Land Cruiser expert, prompting him to open his own independent Toyota shop in the ‘90s. Bill is the mechanical mastermind of the OverLand Cruisers team, sharing his knowledge and overseeing every Land Cruiser rescue.