Superlative Overland Vehicles

Overland Cruiser Restoration

4x4 Restoration

The idea of piloting a vintage four-wheel drive through a remote location can conjure up an exciting array of visuals, none of which should include being stranded by your vehicle. The reality of the situation is that a vintage vehicle of any kind will likely need mechanical restoration until it can truly be considered ready to perform as advertised. From often overlooked components such as wheel bearings to the balance of the drive shafts, both of these are crucial for your vehicle to operate effectively, whether pushed to the extremes or on an afternoon cruise. Our team’s scrupulous attention to detail guarantees that nothing leaves the shop until it is 100% approved and ready for an overland adventure.

Overland Cruiser Upfitting

Overland Upfitting

When operational needs require carrying gear over rough terrain it takes an increased toll on vehicles. Every piece of the suspension, chassis, and drivetrain is significantly more taxed than it would be if it were on a normal road. Think of an overland vehicle like a person with a backpack, the more weight and the rougher the terrain the harder they have to work. When upfitting a vehicle we take into account the user’s requirements, these requirements drive the possible addition of suspension, bumpers, armor or a winch while keeping added weight to a minimum. Let our experience help you determine what will work best for your operational needs.

Off-Road Training

Off-Road Training

When operating a vehicle in a remote or technical environment there is little room for error. The well-being of the passengers depends on the driver’s ability to safely and effectively navigate and avoid obstacles. If the vehicle becomes stuck, or if the terrain requires winching, it is important to have first hand knowledge of how to safely use the equipment at hand. As we do when building vehicles, we take a holistic approach to training, the driver must work well with the machine to achieve optimum results. Better understanding and the ability to operate at the subconscious level leads to less wear and tear on the vehicle and less driver fatigue. This same approach should be taken with every aspect of the vehicle; from which spare parts to carry, to proven techniques of securely stowing gear while keeping emergency rescue supplies immediately accessible.